Atlético’s options will pass through his partnership with Joao Félix

Atlético’s options will pass through his partnership with Joao Félix

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Guardiola visits Marseille without strikers

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Daka and Joao Félix will meet again. The last time they did it was in 2017, in the Youth League final that Benfica lost to Salzburg. After that, the history of both has no comparison. Neither does the media demand. The Portuguese became a star and leader of a whole Benfica at the age of 19, forcing Atlético to pay more than 120 million euros to take him away.

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Luis Suarez

Daka, for his part, has continued on his way, taking over from Haaland and carrying the banner of the great scorer of this Salzburg. 39 goals in their last 55 games. But today’s duel goes beyond two names. Because Joao Félix is ​​at stake more than his resurrection. It is played that Atlético is still very much alive in this Champions League.

The rojiblancos, after the hard blow at the Allianz Arena, will have the need to win today if they want to tie that second place closely. The first, of course, seems to have a first and last name: Bayern Munich. The Bavarian tank brought the colors to Atlético on the first day and showed them how to compete in Europe. 

Luis Suárez knows that for a while, despite the fact that in recent years he has been unable to score at home. The Uruguayan’s goals continue to fall from his pockets (four in six games) and today should be the differential element to knock out Salzburg. We will see if it arrives. Simeone did not guarantee his presence in the eleven due to annoyances that prevented him from exercising yesterday with the group. Even so, it points to ownership.

Dani Martin: "It would be pornographic to see Messi and Suárez at Atlético"

Through his partnership with Joao Félix, Atlético’s options will pass. Being forceful in the areas will be decisive for the rojiblancos to start climbing. They will have to do it without the injured Saúl, Carrasco and Diego Costa. The absence of the Elche, together with the departure of Thomas, has made the team lose consistency in the wide zone. Against Bayern they were outmatched by Kimmich, Goretzka and Tolisso. Without Saúl or Carrasco, Correa and Herrera, eleven.  

A dangerous rival

Says Lokomotiv Moscow and the Austrian league. Salzburg could take the victory against the Russian team but the lack of punch penalized them. Marsch’s painting proposes a cheerful game, back and forth, with accumulation of players in front of the ball and with Koita and Daka bullets. In addition, they arrive rested, as some of the starters were substitutes in Sunday’s victory against Austria Vienna. With a 4-4-2 with a lot of physical inside, the finest note is that of Szoboszlai. 

The Hungarian has a golden foot and Atlético would do well not to let him test his shot. He already scored a great goal on the first day. Even so, the mattress team, if they play at a good level, should have no problem scoring the first win. Everything will depend on the solidity behind and how fine they walk in the final meters. Salzburg will leave spaces behind that Suárez could well take advantage of. The Uruguayan is the goal man and without Diego Costa his figure seems vital. He wants to shine again in the Champions League.

Possible eleven: 

Atlético de Madrid: Oblak; Trippier, Savic, Felipe, Lodi; Llorente, Herrera, Koke, Correa; Joao Félix and Luis Suárez.

Yannick Carrasco, down against Salzburg

Suárez, the gunman is on his way to a record

Salzburg: Stankovic; Ulmer, Ramalho, Wöber, Vallci; Szoboszlai, Junuzovic, Camara, Mwepu; Daka and Koita.

Juliano Belletti recalled on his Instagram account the goal he scored in the 2006 Champions League final that FC Barcelona played against Arsenal, which is now nine years old. A goal that meant a lot for the history of FC Barcelona and especially for the Brazilian defender. And it is that Belletti only scored one goal with the Barcelona shirt. It was in the 81st minute of the 2006 Champions League final. Belletti started the play on the right, yielded to Larsson, who crossed with his left foot and the Brazilian defender, coming from behind, beat the goalkeeper from below the legs. Arsenal, Almunia. In that match, which is already one more episode in the history of FC Barcelona, ​​Belletti was a substitute. He entered in the 71st minute replacing Oleguer Presas.


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Belletti, to remember that goal, has written the following writing on his Instagram account: "Nine years. Saint-Denis, Paris, France. Stade de France. 79,608 twisters. Or box tinha 105m / 70m of grass. It was quarter-fair, approximately 10:22 p.m. local time, on May 17, 2006. 1×1. Chovia muito. Or go from Larson, to jogada em velocidade, or dominance, or kick, or goal. Only. Eternal. Or title. FC Barcelona 2 x 1 Arsenal FC. #forever

(Nine years old. Saint-Denis, Paris, France. Stade de France. 79,608 spectators. Field dimensions 105m / 70m. It was Wednesday, approximately 22:22 local time, on May 17, 2006. 1×1. It was raining a lot. Larson Pass , a speed play, a control, a kick and a goal. Unique. Eternal. The title. FC Barcelona 2 x 1 Arsenal FC)

Henrik Larsson lived a beautiful time at FC Barcelona alongside Ronaldinho and Eto’o as big stars and promising Iniesta or Leo Messi, still teenagers. As a Blagurana, he won two Leagues and a Champions League and a Super Cup and left 19 goals. 

07/03/2020 at 13:05 CEST

On The Lockdown Tactics podcast, the forward reviewed a lot of good about his career and personal life.

The Barca

Larsson acknowledged that when Barça knocked on his door and the Swede did not believe it. "I said I’d like to play somewhere hot. I thought about Spain but never, that Barcelona was going to come for me. I grew up watching Romario, Laudrup, Koeman … Signing for this team was a dream that came true. We had a fantastic team. The workouts were incredible. Ronaldinho did things that he did not know could be a ball. Xavi was good but later, it was better. Iniesta was a kid and Messi too", he assured.  

The Champions was his great memory. "For me it was very special. I lost a great final in Seville to Celtic. It wasn’t exactly a good experience but then I was able to win the final in Paris, the biggest club competition you can win. I was so happy that I decided not to drink anything that night because I wanted to remember everything. I remember almost everything that happened".

Of all the great strikers he lived with, one name remains Chris Sutton "He was the best partner I had. A big guy with great vision who knew how to play. It was not selfish at all. He worked very hard, never stopped running and also scored goals. It was easy to play with him. When I was jumping to head, you just had to know where to run", Explain.

A tough personal experience

A nine is a nine

Braithwaite: "It is easier to play at Barça than at Leganés"

In this podcast, Larsson explained one of the hardest experiences of his life. His brother, who died of an overdose, marked his life. "When I was in Scotland my brother was hooked on drugs. Knowing the things I knew and having to go out and perform every week was difficult. In the end, my brother died of an overdose. The pressure and worry from my parents every night and mine too. It is not easy and it is important to talk about it. It is important to share how you feel and that they can help you. That help must be professional. I went when my brother passed away and I felt much better afterwards. You have to talk to someone and open up so they can help you. Otherwise, you will feel guilty about certain things. You wonder: could I have done something? Have listened better?"he explained. 

When he took over the majority share of Spartak in 2004, Leonid Fedun thought that succeeding in football could be as easy as his life in the business world.


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David rubio

Vice president of the Russian oil giant Lukoil, this billionaire born in Soviet Kiev came to a club that had only missed a Russian Premier League between 1992 and 2001.

However, the 15th in the Forbes list of Russian millionaires has only been able to celebrate a league title (2017) that came along with the Super Cup in the more than three decades that he has led the ‘meat’, the club that founded the bases against those of the police (Dinamo), the army (CSKA) or the railways (Spartak).

A world champion, the German Schürrle, arrives at Spartak Moscow

Last season was chaotic. After Oleg Kononov’s dismissal in October, Fedun decided to bet on a very young coach, the Italian-German Domenico Tedesco, just 34 years old, who had managed Schalke in the previous two seasons.

That summer had left one of the ‘scams’ of the century, the German world champion Andre Schürrle, whose role in the team was so regrettable that he rises to one of the great ‘pufos’ of Fedun.

The fact is that Spartak, despite its large budget, its huge fans and the brand new stadium promoted by Fedun and financed through private initiative (something historic in Russia), finished seventh in the Premier League, outside of Europe already seven points of descent.

For this season, the great bet of the Moscow team is Aleksandr Kokorin, the ‘bad boy’ who has purged his nighttime sins in jail with his inseparable Pavel Mamaev (now in Krasnodar).

Larsson, after scoring 2-0 against Sochi | TWITTER

And the truth is that the league ‘premiere’ precisely against Kokorin’s former team, Sochi, was turning out very positive last Sunday at the Otkrytie Arena World Cup.

Sobolev opened the scoring at 8 ‘and two minutes later the Swede Larsson finished a good collective attack to establish the 2-0, but in 15’ the VAR made a mistake and allowed Poloz to cut the gap.