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The wide angle is very useful for catching what’s going on at the sides of the vehicle, though – it gives the joint widest field of vision of the dashcams we tested, along with the SmartWitness SVC1080 . Records in 720p and the footage is clear during the day, but the camera struggles to adjust to the correct exposure in changeable light. Pretty poor at night with objects difficult to make out; not up there with the competition. Audio is clear, though, and a high frame rate means there is no judder. Comes with an adhesive pad rather than a sucker mount, so effectively once stuck it’s hard to remove the mount. The DrivePro 100 comes with a very generous 16Gb memory card in the box.

We found that the GPS didn’t show our position or speed when tested in daylight in November 2015, whereas it is clearly shown on the night footage from October. GPS is built in to the device, which is a decently compact size. Outstanding video quality in all lights plus lots of features for mid-level money, as well as a potential 12.5% insurance saving at Swiftcover, make this our dashcam best buy. The GPS is in-built, so unlike the RAC there’s no extra cable running across your dash. Plenty going for it, and one of the more attractive dash cams, but the low light issue and external GPS set-up are a pain. Full HD video at a top spec 30 frames per second but, as with the RAC01, this model struggled with low light conditions.

The SVC1080 itself can be unclipped when you leave the car to deter would-be thieves. It comes with a 4Gb memory card as standard but a larger one can be specified. We also had to set the time and date before initial use – it Cologne Chip Network cards Drivers for Windows doesn’t do it via satellite – and there’s no memory card in the box.

There were a number of fiddly steps to setting up the Kaiser Baas R20 dashcam. If you’ve read any of our other dashcam reviews you’ll know that we’re not fans of adhesive mounts, as they’re a visual clue to would-be thieves that something worth stealing may be in your glovebox. All Kaiser Baas models sent to us came with the adhesive attachments.

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It also isn’t clear how to lock a video file in the event of an accident. This device requires an extra sixth star as it goes way beyond the others we’ve tested here in terms of what it can do. There are virtually no buttons to play with on the unit itself… but that’s the idea; Roadhawk, more than any other manufacturer, doesn’t want drivers to be distracted by its products. The Roadhawk HD’s slim profile allows the device to be discreetly tucked behind the rear-view mirror so your vision remains unimpeded, although the mount is adhesive rather than suction so hard to remove once attached. The external GPS connector is unnecessarily fiddly; other devices have this built into the unit. One of the smaller devices, this attaches quickly and easily to the windscreen via a suction mount.

How to install Camera drivers

There’s one button, which is used to lock an event recording. However, the software provided, while quite smart in that it played back the footage with realtime speed and location information, kept freezing on our brand new Windows 7 laptop. Video quality is clear and smooth, and the viewing angle (170-degree, or pillar-to-pillar) is excellent. However, night-time footage is grainier than the best here. Audi recording is optional – it wasn’t captured by default on our test device. This model comes with an adhesive mount, so make sure you place it correctly first time .

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The power cable is a decent length, allowing you to tuck it away down the A-pillar and under the carpet in the footwell. Includes GPS for logging your speed and location, a G-sensor for automatic accident detection, and support for a second camera.

Second, the clip for the unit must be attached like a photo camera to a tripod clip, before it can then be slid on to the mount – unnecessarily complicated. As with the Garmin nüviCam, picture quality is 1080p HD and performs well in daylight and at night, but the final recording seems a fraction more compressed than the best performers in this regard. In addition, the contrast seems to be higher than average. The field of vision is hampered by a 90-degree viewing angle, which is the second-narrowest of all dashcams on this page (jointly with the nüviCam). There’s a lot of tech here for your money and as a way to record incidents, it does the job. Footage records in 1080 full HD and with a 140-degree viewing angle.