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“To Chirrup or not to Twitter” clause by Robert W. Prosperous addresses the job faced by the old multiplication in the use of the net. It aims chief reference is that age is a determiner in the usance of Chirrup.

The generator tries to dilate his stand done share-out his quandary on whether to joint Chirrup. The clause relates good with Favorable colleagues i.e. the old genesis as it reveals issues they are struggling with. On the early handwriting, the juvenility interpret the old multiplication position of the use of the sociable web.

Compact of the Clause

The clause begins with Favorable describing chirrup and how it operates. This serves to inform all his audiences of Chitter in rescript to nurture vulgar savvy. Favorable refers to the untested propagation as “digital natives” (Golden, 2010, p. 245), which implies that they are lettered and experient with engineering. On the former script, the elder generations are termed as “digital immigrants” significant they sustain altered engineering lately (Prosperous, 2010, p. 245).

The generator goes on to contribution his quandary with engineering in repute to whether to use or not to use Chitter. Furthermore, the source extends to contribution experiences with the younker and how they sustain changed his thoughts. It concludes by questioning the grandness of Chitter to the old citizenry logically, but again leaves a way for personal judgments and opinions in respect Chitter utilisation. The clause is loosely interesting and challenging.

Strengths of the Clause

One of the articles durability is that the writer is able-bodied to intercommunicate efficaciously to across-the-board spectra of consultation i.e. both the old and the untried are byzantine in the articles’ word. Disdain the clause dealings with the quandary of the elder coevals in copulation to engineering it narrates incidences that they are familiar with.

Golden is identical timid in usance of expert price and goes to excuse their significant if he happens to use any. This is distinctly seen when he defines Chirrup and how it plant in the entry, descriptions of damage “digital native” and “digital immigrant” (Favourable, 2010, p. 245). This leads to greater apprehension of this clause by the consultation. In improver, it makes the clause informatory to the sr. multiplication,and on the early give entertaining to the jr. multiplication.

Second, the clause clear illustrates how age is a clincher in Chirrup employment. It goes on to limn how both the old and new generations use Chirrup otherwise. The young use it for mixer networking piece the old citizenry hunt for master custom of Chirrup. Old multitude employment is supported by the generator when points out that thither is no motive of card that individual is wake as it is of no grandness to the mortal version the rag.


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Obstinate, a confrere of the generator afterward twitting for a hebdomad matt-up machine-accessible to the mesh reflected when he aforesaid that he experient “a sentiency of connectedness” which illustrates the generator spot, which is that Chitter serves a societal determination. Writer portrays ethnic ingredient in engineering when the old coevals is function of on-line cultivation done the articulate inhabiting multiple identities, animation a polish of communion and by match collaboration”(Favorable, 2010, p. 245).

Failing of the Clause

The authors fails to commune efficaciously to globose consultation , as he struggles to assert the counterweight of multifariousness byzantine and tends to be coloured to the old propagation opinions. This is apparent when he has a personal discrepancy with a youth verbaliser in a league so indicating a communicating roadblock and disaffection betwixt the old and new generations.

The verbaliser, as an factor of the digital natives in clause setting, seems usurious when he refers the digital immigrants, “pencil pushers” (Golden, 2010, p. 246). In add-on, when the writer disguises the perfume of twitting to designate that mortal is alert makes the offspring verbalizer who tweets every forenoon unimportant.

These illustrations attend disclose the voltage of the source secluding the untested generations. In line, Chitter plant otherwise for the dissimilar generations the quality of examples for the clause paints jr. users as irrational and implicates them in “pointless, perpetual barking” (Prosperous, 2010, p. 246). This impuissance is brought almost by the authors hope to transmit to all-embracing consultation spell he is relating to the old contemporaries quandary in Chitter custom.


The generator in the “To Chitter or not to Twitter” clause succeeds in depicting that thither is a generational gap in the utilisation of Chitter.

The quality of illustrations though risks alienating the jr. readers’ sake of a wide-cut hearing and scorn existence of old generational grouping keeps the vocalism of the clause balanced. Accordingly, this appeals and actively engages both the unseasoned and old in the articles discourse. The wondering nature and nonpartisanship of the clause makes its readers meditative of the way in which they use Chirrup, interpreting the clause to be more of a musing and an instructive clause.


Prosperous, R. W. (2010). To Chitter Or Not to Chitter? In L. G. Kirszner, & S. R. Mandell, The Blair Lecturer: Exploring Issues and Ideas (pp. 244-246). Canada: Pearson Breeding.


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