DVD Shrink

DVD Shrink is a freeware program solution designed to shrink original DVD content onto social networking. It is capable of re-encoding and then re-authoring the captured movie so that it would fit one DVDR disc. The intuitive user interface will make it effortless to separately choose a compression speed for each video track.

Another benefit is the possibility to make from the torn DVD an ISO image or some VIDEO_TS folder, if you happen to wish to further edit, process or see that picture from the PC.

To be able to balance quality and content like possible, this video shrinking software gives users the chance to cut areas of the DVD which are unneeded, for example overseas audio and extras.

You could have a DVD if you purchased it or you simply copied content. Whichever the situation at the same point you might want to add or remove content to suit your desire. This is only possible once you have specific applications like DVD Shrink to execute the works with uttermost professionalism.

As the word indicates, it shrinks articles, all you have to do is just to put the disc in a driveway and apply the principal window t check which parts suit removal or shrinking. 1 unique characteristic of the program is that you will always have a backup function just in case you might want to g back to the original content or you accidentally removed some parts.Join Us shrink dvd downloads website


It’s beneficial to make copies and backups of discs since they can be damaged and will probably be nearly impossible to recoup the data.

It supports both the single layered along with the double layered disks together with the latter appropriate for the backup function. The port is quite simple and intuitive although just a small knowledge is needed to get advanced option of this tool.

Within the interface, yi=ou have unlimited access to command line in addition to an option to customize and insert them to the port. It supports integration into office packages and also handles both voice and mouse input commands.

It is in dvd copy category and is available to all applications customers as a free download.