Germany dart game

Germany dart game

It leads from Golmud in the province of Qinghai to Lhasa and is over 960 kilometers in length at an altitude of more than 4000 meters. The highest point measures 5072 meters. This makes it the highest railway in the world.

In fact, the train route combines several world records: it is also home to the highest train station and tunnel in the world. The Tibet Railway, also known as the Lhasa Railway because of its destination station, is one of the largest railway projects built in the 21st century.

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For many train fans, the main section, which was completed in October 2005, is one of the most spectacular in the world. In the west, the train follows the legendary Silk Roads and overcomes a 5000 meter high pass on its way to Lhasa.

Relic from the times of the emperors

On the train route, the traveler even comes across a relic of German history – the iron bridge over the Huanghe, the yellow river, was a gift from Kaiser Wilhelm II. The train also crosses the Tangu-La pass, which is over five thousand meters high. Pressure and oxygen adjustment ensure a pleasant climate.

Oxygen masks are even served on the train. In Lhasa, a visit to the Potala and Norbulingka palaces as well as numerous Tibetan monasteries and temples is on the program. You can also marvel at yaks on your trip: the typical Central Asian cattle stand at Yamdrok-Tso, the largest freshwater lake in the northern Himalayas. The railway line also has political dimensions: On the one hand, freight costs to the provinces are cut in half at one stroke, which improves the basic supply. On the other hand, Beijing binds the troubled province of Tibet more closely to the central government.

Modern and traditional

The contrast to ancient Tibet and the modern world is particularly evident at the ultra-modern train station in Lhasa, which looks like an airport, surrounded by the archaic style of Tibetan fortresses. If the visibility is good, a tour of the Pang La Pass, which is 5,220 meters high, offers a view of the majestic peaks of the Himalayas around Mount Everest. Further highlights can be: a hike on the three thousand meter high Emeishan, one of the four sacred mountains of China, a yoga class and a walk through Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. For a 14-day trip you have to plan around 3200 euros including the flight. You can find impressions in our photo show.

Despite criticism from business, there is no blanket deportation stop for integrated and working refugees. The Greens and the CDU agreed in December to launch a Federal Council initiative to expand the right to stay. Interior Minister Thomas Strobl (CDU) announced on Friday: “As long as this is not the case, it remains the same: Those who do not get the right to stay must leave the country and be deported if necessary.”

Greens parliamentary group leader Andreas Schwarz said that the Greens wanted discretionary leeway to be used very quickly – at the latest when the Federal Council’s initiative was dealt with in the cabinet.

Grün-Schwarz wants to expand the tolerance for employment through the Federal Council. In mid-December, after a meeting of the coalition committee, Strobl announced that it would prioritize administrative practice, so that criminals, those who refused to integrate and those who were falsehoods would be deported and those who had work would be returned “not as a priority”. Green politician Schwarz spoke at the time of a “paper stack solution” in which well-integrated cases are placed at the bottom – this is the competence of the authorities.

A spokesman for Strobl said on Friday that this does not mean that those who work are not A batch solution is not compatible with applicable law; the officials would have no discretion. Work is not a criterion in immigration law.

From the FDP’s point of view, Strobl is “demonstratively and blatantly” disregarding green-black decisions. “The election campaign has started now at the latest, and Strobl is trying to make a name for himself as a conservative hardliner,” said interior expert Ulrich Goll. Asylum seekers who have been working for years have been “torn from their companies that are urgently dependent on this worker because they cannot find any other employees.” In contrast, poorly integrated or criminal asylum seekers remained in the country for years.

We are sitting on the Riebels Fischimbiss benches right on the banks of the Gnadensee, huge plates on the wooden table in front of us. Great crested grebes splash around, a pair of swans breeds a few meters away from the hungry cyclists and hikers. A cheerful early summer idyll. Dragonflies curve around the parasols, in whose shade the light white island wine tastes even better. Riebel’s fish snack is legendary. Anyone who has never eaten there before knows nothing about Reichenau’s delights. We tell you where it is most beautiful at this time of year on the Bodensee island. See the island in our photo show.

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Germany’s oldest vegetable garden

The island of Reichenau is Germany’s southernmost and probably also the oldest vegetable garden. More than 1200 years ago, the monks were already making fine salads and vitamin-rich vegetables. The sun shines longer on Reichenau than anywhere else in Germany, the fruit trees bloom earlier and the flowers more plentiful. In hundreds of huge greenhouses, the greenery ripens in time, lollo rosso, iceberg lettuce and lettuce grow in long rows, form interesting patterns, and make the passing visitors repeatedly press the trigger on their digital cameras. The wine thrives on the southern slope of the only island hill (483 meters high) – you almost feel like you are in paradise. Especially since the agricultural use does not disturb the overall impression at all.

Church under the protection of UNESCO World Heritage

Right behind the greenhouse, the massive ships of the unique island churches protrude into the blue sky of Baden. Sankt Georg stands next to the connecting dam over to the Bodanrück. Like a fortress of God, built around the year 900, with beautiful wall paintings, no frills. Specialists try to stabilize the climate in the interior of the church in such a way that the valuable frescoes, which are protected by UNESCO, are no longer endangered.

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Hundreds of visitors every day

Hundreds of visitors pry open the large, heavy wooden door every day to marvel at the treasures. St. Peter and Paul in Niederzell on the western tip of the island of Reichenau are also popular, as is the ancient minster in the middle of the island – stone witnesses of the medieval heyday, when vegetables, salad and fruit from Reichenau were among the most popular delicacies at many royal courts.

Turquoise blue water like in the Caribbean

We cycle on secluded, well-marked paths, always along the shore. Then a secret bay opens; we hop into the lake, the water is turquoise blue like in the Caribbean, fish snake through the reeds, outside a rowboat. A few meters further a café on the beach, the cake is homemade. We look over to the Höri peninsula, we doze in the sun, a steamer plows waves into the water, the ship’s horn can be heard as far as the Swiss bank in the south.

Anchor in front of the hotel with your own boat

Calm bathing, two elderly men order two quarters of island wine, they look and sit and sit and look. Pure relaxation at Lake Constance. It’s just as relaxed in front of the Inselhotel “Löchnerhaus”: a lawn like 40 years ago, guests can anchor their own boat directly in front of the house, the ambience alone lets you forget everyday life – hectic is a foreign word on Reichenau.

Meditation or water sports: something for everyone

Visitors can look over the shoulder of the farmers, meditate in the monastery, do water sports of all kinds or just look over the water. In the distance, the snow-capped Swiss mountains blink, in the northwest you can see the Mettnau peninsula, thanks to the excellent boat connections, trips to Constance, Switzerland or Radolfzell are no problem.

Further information

Tourist information: Pirminstraße 145, 78479 Reichenau, Tel. 07534 / 9207-0,,

(First published on May 21, 2012)

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A farmer overturned his Unimog on Friday and was fatally injured. The rescue workers were only able to rescue him dead in a forest near Untrasried (Ostallgäu district), as the police announced. According to the information, the 79-year-old was previously driving on a forest road when the vehicle slipped in a sloping curve and slid downhill. Finally the Unimog came to rest on the roof. The driver got trapped. There is no evidence of third-party fault or impaired ability to drive.

A fire in an agricultural warehouse resulted in an estimated damage of 1.5 million euros. As the police announced on Friday, the hall near Irsee (Ostallgäu district) was already on fire when the fire brigade arrived. The fire destroyed a photovoltaic system and several machines on Friday night. Nobody got hurt. The cause of fire was unclear for the moment. The criminal police are investigating.

A 53-year-old driver died on Wednesday in a traffic accident in the Allgäu. The woman from Kaufbeuren came off the road with her car at around 5:50 p.m. on a district road between Aitrang and Unterthingau for an initially unexplained cause and hit a tree. The police also said her car caught fire and burned out completely. Any help came too late for the 53-year-old. The road had to be completely closed for several hours.

Because of the persistent drought, the district administration of Cochem-Zell is pulling the emergency brake: As of now, residents are no longer allowed to water their lawn, as the administration announced. Water for public green spaces and for public and private sports or leisure facilities is also taboo. For the time being, the fire brigades are no longer allowed to use water for exercises. Citizens who do not comply with this order can expect a fine of up to 5000 euros.

The supply of drinking water is not at risk, a spokeswoman for the district administration emphasized on Friday. The stocks in the water extraction systems are “still quite acceptable”. But: “Consumption is increasing every day.” Already last week there was a call to voluntarily save water – that was of no use. Therefore there is now the order. The “SWR” had previously reported.

In a traffic accident in Seeg in the Ostallgäu district, a driver crashed into a concrete wall and died. As the police announced on Saturday, the driver had strayed from the road during the night for an unexplained cause and crashed into the wall of an agricultural feed storage facility. Since the scene of the accident is off the main road, the 33-year-old man was only found dead in the accident vehicle on Saturday morning. The impact resulted in a total loss of 20,000 euros to the car. The police are now investigating the cause of the accident.

While renovating his house, a man in Seeg (Ostallgäu district) found 39 cartridges. As the police announced on Friday, the ammunition is believed to date from around the Second World War. The man discovered them the day before when he tore open a false ceiling. A police patrol received the cartridges, they are now to be destroyed. The officials stressed that finders should never bring such ammunition to the police themselves, but instead inform the police.

Due to communication problems with a car driver, a hitchhiker in Swabia only arrived at his destination hours later. The man from Nigeria got on in a small town in the Aichach-Friedberg district and wanted to go to Merching, just five minutes away, the police said on Monday. But because the hitchhiker couldn’t make it clear to the driver where he wanted to go, he took him on Sunday afternoon to Kraftisried (Ostallgäu district), around 90 minutes away. There the Nigerian got out. By now he had apparently noticed that he had clearly missed his target and, according to a police spokesman, was very angry. So the driver called the police. The officers explained what was going on and put the hitchhiker on the next train to Merching. According to the police, the train journey took four hours.

Because a pot of soup slipped out of place, a driver in the Swabian town of Buchloe (Ostallgäu district) caused an accident with property damage of around 8,000 euros. As the police announced on Friday, the 20-year-old had deposited the glass bowl, including the lid and contents of an unknown type, in a backpack on the passenger seat on Thursday – but without a fuse.

When the man had to brake, the backpack tipped into the footwell. Instead of stopping, the man grabbed the pot with his right hand, said a police spokesman. He accidentally shifted the steering wheel to the right in such a way that he hit a parked car. Nobody got hurt.

A major fire at a warehouse in Irsee (Ostallgäu district) resulted in property damage of at least one million euros. As the police announced, the fire broke out on Saturday night in the hall where wood chips and agricultural equipment were stored. The flames partially caused the roof of the hall to collapse. About 300 bales of straw 400 meters away from the hall were also burning. The police assume arson in both cases. According to the police, Halle had already burned four weeks ago and was damaged in the process. Even then, the property damage was over 1.5 million euros. “Now the perpetrator wanted to finish his work,” said a police spokesman. Around 170 firefighters were involved in the extinguishing work.

According to Tübingen palaeontologist Madelaine Böhme, politicians are increasingly relying too heavily on science. “In my opinion, politics has to consider a large potpourri of things and include them in their decisions,” said Böhme of the “Südwest Presse” (Thursday).