How to build a glass greenhouse yourself

Greenhouse using double-glazed windows is relevant not just in areas with cold climate, but also in other suburban zones for prolonging the period of fruit-bearing of submerged plants or yearlong use.

The Benefits of these glazing are all undoubted:

  • Outstanding thermal insulation will protect crops from early frosts.
  • Glazing gently diffuses light, illuminating all corners of the room.
  • Double glass avoids sunburn over the leaves.
  • Tight construction reduces heat loss when heating the greenhouse, and therefore saves electricity.
  • Packages won’t suffer with strong winds, rain or hail.
  • The service life of glazing together with proper handling is over just a dozen years.
  • The decorative appearance of glazing makes it possible for you not to conceal the greenhouse from the bathtub, and put in it in the front lawn. Some proprietors of original shape greenhouses make them of the major decoration of their yard or backyard.

In addition, manufacturers offer you double-glazed dividers using a set of essential functions, including special coatings for heating and energy conserving protection against mechanical impacts and reduced temperatures, in addition to soundproofing.

Method of auto-ventilation of greenhouses.

  • Double-glazed windows can be with special vents for ventilation, which are outfitted with apparatus with the function of automatic opening. This is extremely convenient, because not always the owners have the chance to ventilate the greenhouse in time.
  • Benefits of glass greenhouse buildings
  • Below are merely a few of the advantages of glass greenhouses:
  • Glass greenhouses have proven more than become long-lasting constructions. As an instance, the French have been actively using just such greenhouses as the late 16th century to the present day. Rest assured: a glass will be your servant for a long time to come.
  • Glass doesn’t retain UV rays, which are essential for rapid plant growth and fruit ripening, thus letting you take advantage of the power of sunlight.
  • Should you use laminated or tempered (thermal) glass, this structure will withstand the most adverse conditions (precipitation in the kind of large hail, extreme heat and also powerful frost isn’t going to be a problem with the construction).
  • For greenhouses made of glass is characterized by excellent insulation. Moreover, there’s an opportunity to put in heating apparatus inside them.

Needless to say, the glass greenhouse also has disadvantages, that should be taken into consideration when constructing it. As an example, the fact that glass is rather heavy material (1 m² of glass 4 mm thick weighs 10 kg, and 6 mm – 15 kg), must affect the presence of a good base, in addition to the building of a strong structure – frame.

How to build a greenhouse from glass yourself

On a sunny day, the transparent coating of greenhouses allows short-wave solar radiation. It’s absorbed by black surfaces (soil, equipment, plants), turns right into long-wave radiation and stays in the structure. This transformation happens with the release of warmth, which produces a greenhouse effect in the greenhouse.

Therefore, glass windows perfectly allow the sun’s beams in the room and nearly completely keep the back radiation, not permitting it to venture out. To put it differently, unlike movie, glass has become the most heat-saving material, and this is one of the chief attributes of a good greenhouse.