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Tekken remains the most competitive 3D fighter out there, with robust tactical battles that reward strong technical play with impressive combos and insane damage. It’s that beautiful combination of high-drama visuals and deep, complex mechanics that makes Tekken one of the most exhilarating fighting games on the planet.

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Although fighting games offer female characters, their image tends to be hypersexualized, and they have even been featured as pin-up girls in game magazines; in many games they also exhibit exaggerated "breast physics". Male characters in fighting games tend to have extra-broad chests and shoulders, huge muscles, and prominent jaws. The first game to feature fist fighting was Heavyweight Champ in 1976, but it was Karate Champ which popularized one-on-one martial arts games in arcades in 1984. The following year, Yie Ar Kung-Fu featured antagonists with differing fighting styles, while The Way of the Exploding Fist further popularized the genre on home systems. In 1987, Street Fighter introduced hidden special attacks. In 1991, Capcom’s highly successful Street Fighter II refined and popularized many of the conventions of the genre.

Best Fighting Games Of All Time

It’s also the worst fighting game, and every measure of quality in between. Do you want to finally see the Street Fighter roster take on Mortal Kombat? Do you want to build a roster of the most obscure fighting games in history alongside Homer Simpson?

  • Packing a huge 56 fighters on the roster from Capcom and Marvel’s history, the tag-team fighter was all about overwhelming your opponent with huge combo strings and screen-filling attacks.
  • If you’re hesitant about fighting games but still want to give them a shot, here are some steps you can take to get into the genre.
  • It was a light year for fighting games in 2020, but check out why even in a packed year, Granblue Fantasy Versus would have made a good case for Best Fighting Game.

The effect is entirely convincing until a special comes out and the camera swings around to show the full depth of the visuals. There’s a case to be made that Xrd is not just the best-looking fighting game, but one of the most visually impressive games ever.

Dragon Ball FighterZ may not be the first good Dragon Ball game, but it’s certainly the first great one. Arc System Works has leveraged its experience in some of the most technically complex fighting games on the market to build a sumptuous title that keeps the depth of the best girl go games brawlers while staying accessible. And the studio did it with one of the most beloved series in anime, showing plenty of love and care to every character in the Dragon Ball FighterZ roster. Hand-to-hand combat is what many people think of when it comes to fighting games. These fighting games often involve a 1-on-1 fight between two experienced fighters.

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Do you want a group of fighters so pornographic we can’t even describe them here? The Soulcalibur series has always struggled to recapture the magic of the original home release on Dreamcast, but after nearly two decades it seems that Soulcalibur VI is the game to finally do it. Yes, you’ll probably only want to spend your time with the best revisions of each game, and that’s probably why Capcom only bothered to invest in bringing online play for Hyper Fighting, Super Turbo, Alpha 3, and 3rd Strike. The latest edition of the series features 3D characters cleverly crafted to look like lavishly-animated 2D sprites.