It should bundle and evaluate information about patterns of action and actors in one source

It should bundle and evaluate information about patterns of action and actors in one source

All pensioners should benefit from this – but above all millions of mothers, early retirees due to illness and low-wage earners. Contributors and taxpayers have to bear billions of euros. This is provided for in Heil’s pension package, which is in the cabinet this Wednesday.

What are the coalition’s pension goals?

Stability in pensions, rewarding lifetime achievement and combating poverty in old age – that’s what the coalition agreement says. Heil’s pension package is due to come into effect at the beginning of 2019: with the Mütterrente II, improvements for disability pensioners, relief for low earners with social contributions as well as holding lines for pension level and contribution rate until 2025. A commission is to clarify the pension structure beyond 2025.

Who will benefit from the Mothers’ Pension II?

Actually, the CSU wanted mothers bringing up (fathers must apply for this separately with the consent of the mothers), whose children were born before 1992, to receive one further year of education per child and thus one additional pension point. The SPD was against it. In the coalition agreement, it was then restricted that only mothers who had three or more children before 1992 could enjoy another year of upbringing.

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Heil then suggested giving all mothers with children born before 1992 half a pension point. In total, that would be about as much as the 3.7 billion euros for the CSU variant. Heil prevailed here against the CSU. Now, not three million, but around seven million mothers benefit, although the surcharge is lower.

How do younger and older mothers benefit?

The legal situation before the last grand coalition was that mothers (and fathers) whose children were born after 1992 were recognized for three years of upbringing per child. Mothers whose children were born before 1992, just one. The CSU pushed through another pension point for these mothers in the last legislative period.

In future, all mothers whose children were born before 1992 will receive half a pension point per child, making a total of two and a half points per child, while younger mothers will receive three points per child.

How much is half the pension point?

One pension point in the east has been 30.69 euros per month since July 1, 2018. Half a pension point is around 15.35 euros. In the west, the pension point is currently 32.03 euros. Half a pension point west corresponds to around 16.02 euros per month.

What improvement is there in the disability pension?

People who have to take early retirement due to illness received 14.7 percent of the basic security in 2016, old-age pensioners only 2.6 percent. Since the beginning of 2018, the allocation time for new pensioners is to be gradually extended by a further three years. In the future, unlike today, those affected will be treated as if they had worked up to the current retirement age. Before that, only counted up to the 62nd birthday.

What will the stabilization of the pension level bring?

The pension level, the ratio of the pension to the average wage, is to be secured at 48 percent by 2025. And the contribution to the pension insurance should not exceed the 20 percent mark. It is currently 18.6 percent of the gross. If a fall in the level is prevented, then all pensioners benefit – the percentage varies depending on their pension.

What is planned for low wage earners?

The income limit above which full social security contributions have to be paid is to increase from 850 to 1,300 euros. And anyone who has worked for decades, raised children and cared for relatives should receive a basic pension ten percent above the basic security after 35 years of contributions.

How expensive could the reform be?

For the pension insurance, the improvements are expected to cost almost 32 billion euros by 2025, the most expensive being the improved maternal pension. A fund worth billions is also to be created so that the contribution rate limit of 20 percent can be adhered to. If the income of the pension fund should fall again when the economy deteriorates, more tax money is needed.

What are the benefits of lowering unemployment insurance?

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Since 2011, the contribution to unemployment insurance has been 3 percent of the gross contribution. With an average gross income of EUR 3,156 per month (data from the pension insurance for 2018), unemployment insurance contributions would be EUR 94.68. If it is reduced by 0.5 percent next year, this will only amount to 78.9 euros. By the way: in 2006 the contribution rate was still 6.5 percent.

Sources used: dpa

New chapter in the tax scandal over cum-ex deals: According to media reports, investigators searched the offices of the banking association on Tuesday.

The police have been searching offices of the banking association (BdB) in Berlin and Frankfurt since Tuesday morning in connection with so-called cum-ex procedures. That said an association spokesman on request on Tuesday morning.

“” It is true that the Cologne public prosecutor is investigating in connection with the Cum-Ex proceedings in our offices in Berlin and Frankfurt, “the spokesman said. The public prosecutor’s office in Cologne also confirmed the search. “” Süddeutsche Zeitung “”, NDR and WDR had previously reported on it.

The search should serve to find evidence that may be of importance for further investigations into the complex matter, said senior public prosecutor Ulrich Bremer. With a view to the ongoing campaign and against the background of tax secrecy, no names are mentioned.

What role did the association play in Cum-Ex?

A BdB spokesman said: “” The investigation is not directed against the banking association. We cooperate fully with the authorities, “” he said. 

The cryptic name “Cum-Ex” stands for a tax robbery worth billions. In “” Cum-Ex “” transactions, stock traders traded shares with (“” cum “”) and without (“” ex “”) dividend entitlements between several participants around the dividend cut-off date. In the end, it was no longer clear to the tax authorities who owned the papers. Tax offices reimbursed capital gains taxes that had not been paid.

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The investigators tried to find out what role the bank lobbyists from the BdB had in the Cum-Ex affair, the newspaper reported without any specific sources. In internal working groups and in exchange with the Federal Ministry of Finance, efforts should have been made to keep loopholes open for such transactions. The tax damage from cum-ex deals, in which numerous banks were involved, runs into the billions.

Sources used: Reuters news agency

So-called “” Cum-Ex “” transactions have cost the state several billion euros. A new “” Task Force “” from the Ministry of Finance is supposed to prevent such crooked deals in the future. 

According to a media report, the Federal Ministry of Finance wants to proceed with a specialized unit against large-scale tax fraud such as the “Cum-Ex” business. Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) will set up a special unit with a total of 48 posts at the Federal Central Tax Office, reported the “” Welt am Sonntag “”. For the “” Task Force against tax structuring models on the capital market “” expenditures of around 21 million euros are estimated, which are already planned in the 2020 federal budget.

By shifting shares with (“” cum “”) and without (“” ex “”) dividend entitlements to and fro, investors had made a lot of money at the expense of the state treasury. Investors have a capital gains tax paid once on stock dividends reimbursed several times with the help of banks. “Cum-ex” deals are estimated to have cost the state billions of euros. The tax scandal is also preoccupying the judiciary. 

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 According to reports, Scholz wanted to introduce the new unit to the heads of the federal and state tax departments at a meeting on Monday. It should “” bundle and evaluate information on patterns of action and actors in one hand. State authorities, the financial supervisory authority Bafin and foreign investigative authorities should find their contact person.

Sources used: dpa news agency

Tax revenues will be around 1.7 billion below expectations next year. A new estimate also shows that another billions less will be taken by 2023. 

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The federal government can count on four billion euros more tax income in the current year than previously expected. This emerges from the prognosis of the working group on tax estimates published on Wednesday by the Federal Ministry of Finance in Berlin. 

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There will be less tax money available in the coming years

But: The federal, state and local governments will have to get by with 1.7 billion euros less tax income than previously expected. Due to the gloomy economy, tax estimates are even expecting a total of 7.1 billion euros less than assumed in the tax estimate in May by 2023, as the Ministry of Finance announced in Berlin on Wednesday.

Sources used: dpa news agency

After Olga Sharypova raised serious allegations against her ex-boyfriend Alexander Zverev a few days ago, she is now stepping up again. The tennis player is said to have not only used physical violence.  

Olga Sharypova has already announced that she will tell “” the whole story “”, piece by piece. A few days ago she said that Alexander Zverev had “” choked “” her and “” pressed her against the wall. An incident that is said to have occurred in 2019 around the US Open in August and, according to statements by the 23-year-old Russian photographer, was not the only one of its kind. She was afraid for her life. Zverev denied the allegations. 

Now Sharypova describes new experiences that she wants to have had with her ex-boyfriend. In an interview with “” Bild “” she reports: “” It was psychological abuse. It was physical abuse. In the end, I understood that this person cannot tell the truth. He cannot tell other people what he really thinks. “” 

“” He always said: ‘You are nothing, you have nothing’ “”

There have been “” psychological violence “” over and over again throughout the relationship. “” He always said to me: ‘You are nothing, you have nothing. I have money, I am successful. And you? You have nothing! ‘ He always has his family around. I was alone with him. “” You wanted to break up with him, so he kept calling her. When she blocked his number, he called her parents and friends.  

“” He hit me in the face “” 

Also, Sharypova says, “” He hit me in the face. I didn’t know what to do. “” You didn’t contact the police because you loved Zverev. “I wasn’t mentally ready for that.” “Now she wants to talk about anything to help women in similar situations. They also have evidence in the form of text messages and photos. In addition, there should be recordings from surveillance cameras from a hotel in New York, said the Russian.

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When asked “” Bild “”, the management of Zverev referred to his statement a few days ago. “” There Alexander Zverev responded to the accusations made by Ms. Scharypova – a woman he has known since childhood and with whom he had a relationship that ended for more than a year. “”

Sources used: Image: “” New allegations against Zverev: Now Olga is really unpacking “”

Innsbruck (AP) – black suit, white shirt, black tie. A corona mask also serves the accused as a small protection against too much curiosity in the thunderstorm of flashes of the photographers.
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He is 26 years old and has admitted to having taken on an unbearable guilt. He wished so much that someone would have stopped him that night, he said before the Innsbruck Regional Court on Wednesday.

The young man has five lives on his conscience. “” I’m so sorry, “” says the 26-year-old in his closing words. As expected, the court sentenced him to life imprisonment for five murders. With good guidance and prognosis, he can hope for release after 15 years at the earliest. The judgment is not yet final.

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Because of his confession and the evidence at the scene of the crime, there was no real doubt about the guilt of the accused from the start. In the early morning hours of October 6, 2019, he shot his 19-year-old ex-girlfriend, her father, her mother, her brother and a friend of the 19-year-old in a single-family house in the winter sports resort of Kitzbühel. Jealousy, disappointment and emotional overload played a role in the motif.