Multiple conversions of different formats could have resulted in minor differences

Multiple conversions of different formats could have resulted in minor differences

Through performance in the US: Trump presents immigration plans

The head of the arch-conservative Center for Immigration Studies, which has long been fighting for a radical immigration reform, also sees my tweet. He writes: "That’s all?"

Yes, because Trump’s real plan is to continue campaigning with migration.

After a dispute with Donald Trump, the White House banned a CNN reporter from press conferences. A video that raises questions serves as a reason. 

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After a dispute during a press conference by US President Donald Trump, the White House has accredited prominent CNN reporter Jim Acosta "for the time being" withdrawn. This was announced by spokeswoman Sarah Sanders. 

She then posted a video of a scene with Acosta that a well-known ultra-right conspiracy site had previously distributed to support allegations. The situation on which the White House is justified can be seen slightly different. However, the author denies a targeted change. But US media write of one "manipulated video". 

Acosta, CNN’s chief correspondent for the White House, had wanted to ask further questions against Trump’s will and refused to return the microphone to a White House employee. When she tried to take the microphone out of his hand, his hand moved against her arm. This was taken as a reason for the withdrawal of his accreditation. 

Action through manipulation more aggressive?

Trump believes in a free press and welcomes difficult questions about himself and his government, says a statement from Sanders. But it will "never tolerated"when a man places his hand on a young White House employee who is just doing her job. 

Due to the slight change, Acosta’s reaction looks more like a blow, says an activist who works in Jewish organizations and who, in his words, has worked in video editing for 15 years. In his words, he put the manipulated images as a red outline over the images that were on the channels. 

1) Took @PressSec Sarah Sanders’ video of briefing2) Tinted red and made transparent over CSPAN video3) Red motion is when they doctored video speed4) Sped up to make Jim Acosta’s motion look like a chop5) I’ve edited video for 15+ years6) The White House doctored it

– raf (@rafaelshimunov) November 8, 2018

A columnist for the "Slate"-Magazine slowly placed the different videos side by side. It is noticeable here how difficult it is to tell the difference.

Further analysis: video is absolutely doctored. You can see the edit when the clips are side by side and slowed down to quarter speed. See for yourself:

– Aymann Ismail (@aymanndotcom) November 8, 2018

Trump had instigated a solid argument with CNN reporter Jim Acosta on the stage. "You are a terrible, insolent person"the President snapped at the reporter known in the USA. correspondent Fabian Reinbold also captured the scene in the East Room.

VIDEO from the East Room: Donald Trump and Jim Acosta

– Fabian Reinbold (@fabreinbold) November 7, 2018

Acosta had the portrayal of Sanders in a first reaction as "lie" rejected. But there was definitely a contact.

Author denies manipulation

As evidence, Sanders sent the video that had previously been distributed by the Infowars site. InfoWars’ content and accounts and their boss Alex Jones have removed and blocked all major networks in the past few weeks due to targeted misinformation or hate speech. The presidential press secretary should be very familiar with the nature of the site.  

Infowars author Paul Joseph Watson denies on Twitter that he changed the video. "All I did was zoom in on the movie."  Everything else is "lying". In another tweet, he stated that he hadn’t changed the speed. Multiple conversions of different formats could have resulted in minor differences.

CNN defended the reporter’s work. Sanders said CNN was proud of the work Acosta was doing "not only disgusting, but also an example of their outrageous disregard for all, including young women, who work in this government". 

A video of Trump himself had surfaced before the presidential election in which he said to a moderator that as a star you can do anything with women: "Grab them between the legs. And then you can do ANYTHING."

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Acosta had asked questions about the ongoing investigations into Russia by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. "If you put out fake news about what CNN does, you are the people’s enemy"Trump accused him, among other things. CNN must be ashamed to employ someone like Acosta.

The US President also spoke of during the press conference "hostile media". Several times he asked journalists to shut up. Trump had already had a sensational clash with Acosta almost two years ago in New York – even before his inauguration – because he did not like his questions.

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The broadcaster CNN condemned Trump’s statements in a statement. "The president’s ongoing attacks on the press have gone way too far"it says in it. "Not only are they dangerous, they’re disturbingly un-American."

Although Trump had taken an oath on the freedom of the press enshrined in the US Constitution and was thus obliged to protect it, he had repeatedly made it clear that he had no respect whatsoever for press freedom. "We stand behind Jim Acosta and his colleagues everywhere"According to the company’s management response to the argument between Trump and the reporter.

In an earlier version of the article, we wrote that the White House had accused Acosta of stealing the microphone from the employee. The White House had not made the accusation.

The text has been updated with a response from Infowars. The formulation "allegedly manipulated" was crossed out. 

Sources used: InfoWars employee’s own research tweet with the video tweet from Sara Sanders with the video video from Trumps "Grab her between the legs"-SatzTweet from Jim Acosta news agency dpaAdditional sourcesShow less sources

Donald Trump is planning an emergency. Because of his border wall, he is shaking the US rule of law – at what price?

A week of frantic bargaining between Democrats, Republicans and the President comes to an end in Washington. The result: the president wants to impose a national emergency – even though there is no emergency at the border. That is why today we are devoting a little more detail to the wall and what it means for Trump’s political fate.

For Trump, the move is the only way to save face. Before that, he and his wall continued to shrink: off "Mexico will pay them!" became 25 billion dollars in tax money, later 5.7 billion dollars, now there is only 1.375 billion dollars left. There are 55 miles of new fences for that, but not an inch of concrete or steel wall. What an embarrassment for the supposed dealmaker and his biggest election promise!

In order not to have to read exactly this spin everywhere, Trump is now probably drawing the emergency card. He wants to reallocate funds from the budget on his own. It’s his way out of the hole he shoveled himself.

His emergency is a fake emergency, that’s the cynical thing, what many observers are now so upset: "Impeachment!", call. "Attack on Democracy!" A "Giant step towards dictatorship"Stephen King tweeted, well, the man is also responsible for horror stories.

Donald Trump’s purported determination to declare a “national emergency” to build his wall is a giant step away from democracy and a giant step toward dictatorship. It means to destroy an American form of government that has survived for 200+ years.

– Stephen King (@StephenKing) February 14, 2019

I have a different view. Of course: the entanglement of powers is challenged like rarely when the president bases government actions on obvious distortions. Trump could set a precedent. And Trump is certainly exhausting his power here – but the president also has a very large amount of power.

It is controversial among experts whether or not he exceeds his competencies with the step. There is likely to be a flood of lawsuits, but in court it could not be about the substantive question of whether Trump is right with his classification – but only about the legal assessment of whether he can make it.

Trump is thinking of himself and his electorate base, that is, of his re-election, and is shaking the checks and balances again vigorously – but so far, that’s the good news, they are holding up.

In the "Post from Washington" our correspondent Fabian Reinbold reports on the work in the White House and his impressions from the USA. Do you like the column? You can subscribe to it here as a free newsletter, which contains further observations from Washington and lands directly in your mailbox once a week.


I had the most interesting conversation of the week with the man who was responsible for the 20,000 US border guards until January 2017. Gil Kerlikowske served under Barack Obama as head of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the American border protection agency.

I knew that Kerlikowske was critical of Trump’s wall, but was then surprised at how clearly he contradicted the president. What is the greatest threat on the border? "Right now it’s Washington rhetoric. The danger is that now the all-important movement of goods and people across the border will be unduly hindered by Trump’s plans"said Kerlikowske. This assessment from the mouth of a former border guard and police chief was impressive. Point by point he dismantled Trump’s argument for a wall. You can read the whole conversation here.

In the end, the former head of the border guard wanted to say something himself: "I’m really excited to see how you want to do that in Europe, with the many different attitudes towards borders and migrants. Then there are the returning IS fighters, your challenges are huge too", he said. It sounded compassionate.

___________________Donald Trump’s wall is really unique if you listen to him like that. Sometimes construction has to start at last, sometimes construction has long been making rapid progress. It should definitely be a beautiful concrete wall ("more difficult to conquer than Mount Everest"), if you don’t want a steel fence or a stele barrier. In any case without the possibility of looking through – or with so that the border guards can see better. It’s a constant back and forth. "The wall is very, very much on the way"said Trump on Wednesday, and that sounded just as crooked in the original as it did here in German.

Even after the state of emergency has been declared, there shouldn’t be a wall for a long time. Instead, lawsuits, proceedings, disputes. But Trump doesn’t need a wall at all, the idea of ​​the wall is enough for him for the election campaign.


I experienced Thursday as a really frenetic day in the Capitol, where Nancy Pelosi was almost an oasis of calm. When she came down to us journalists in the press studio in the afternoon (which, by the way, is quite unglamorous in the catacombs of the Capitol), she looked carefree, although it had only been announced minutes before that Trump wanted to declare an emergency.

Pelosi stepped to the podium, went through her topics without being bothered by the breaking news from Trump, and finally wished a happy Valentine’s Day. Her brooch sparkled on her lapel – in the shape of the staff of the House of Representatives: the symbol of political power for the head of the Chamber of Parliament.

The brief appearance illustrated Pelosi’s current dominance: she doesn’t get involved in his games. Pelosi is the most powerful opponent of Trump and let him accuse him again and again in the budget and border dispute.

The Democrats negotiated cleverly because they were closed, the Republicans were handicapped by Trump’s volatility. How self-confident Pelosi’s Democrats are right now was shown by the fact that on Monday they again reduced the sum for border fences from 1.45 billion to the now decided 1.375 billion – the Republicans let it go.

Interview: The ex-US border patrol chief on Trump’s wall plans Column Post from Washington: A declaration of war on Trump Questions and answers: Will Trump really get his wall due to the emergency?

Many observers are currently impressed by Pelosi, and I too must admit that I underestimated them a little.