My home region, the Sauerland, is perfect for this.

My home region, the Sauerland, is perfect for this.

So "got to" he also sits on the saddle for work – and gladly in his Swabian homeland. You can think what you want of Stuttgart, but “Benztown” is definitely not: bike-friendly. That is why for me, whenever the opportunity arises, it means: Get out of the city and into one of the nearby racing bike Eldorados, the Swabian Alb or the northern Black Forest! My favorite route leads over 190 kilometers and 3300 vertical how to find turkish girl meters west to just before Baden-Baden. You don’t think of a stop in the casino there when you think about the magnificence of this bike tour. Shortly after leaving the Stuttgarter Kessel via Magstadt and Weil der Stadt, you get a first impression of what awaits you on this seven-hour tour: a constant change between long and sometimes crisp climbs as well as rapid and curve-intensive descents before fantastic ones Coniferous forest backdrop. This round is definitely not for flatland lovers or a relaxed basic training: From Weil der Stadt it goes through Schellbronn, Engelsbrand and Höfen an der Enz over the Dobel and then down to the turning point in Gernsbach. The subsequent ascent via Reichental up to Kaltenbronn costs a lot of grains, but the view is worthwhile. After passing through the downhill mecca Bad Wildbad, there are still a few meters to climb before Weil shows the city the way back to the state capital behind Oberreichenbach and Unterhaugstett.

Allgäu, Voralberg and Riedbergpass

Stefan Kienle travels a lot as a bike guide in his homeland in Allgäu. As a fitness trainer for the German national telemark team, he and his team particularly enjoy getting on racing bikes. In the Allgäu you can do wonderfully long laps through hilly landscapes. But what do we have the imposing mountain backdrop in front of our noses? And that paired with many asphalt stretches that are not heavily traveled – small back roads, but also toll roads … One of my favorite laps takes me (and often the Telemark team) by bike from Sonthofen via the so-called Hörnerdörfer – Ofterschwang and Bolsterlang – to Obermaiselstein. In Tiefenbach you turn right up to Rohrmoos – and pedal more or less by yourself. Here between the Allgäu and Vorarlberg there is only one toll road and you can pedal accordingly. On the left the unique Gottesacker plateau towers up, on the right the cows lie lazily in the meadows and in between there is always an alp with good food. You then get to Vorarlberg via Sibratsgälle and continue cycling until a crossroads point to Balderschwang. This is the ‘most unpleasant’ section of the round, so pedal quickly! Balderschwang is already back in the Allgäu region (in winter it is called “Siberia of Germany”), but there is another pass … The Riedberg Pass is legendary: The highest passable pass in Germany (1407 meters) and a diverse venue Cycling events – and at the end of this tour, another icing on the cake. Basically, there are hardly any flat sections, sometimes the curves are a little gentler towards the thighs, but there are always passages with up to 16 percent. Over a few kilometers you collect almost 400 meters in altitude. And the downhill towards Obermaiselstein is also quite demanding. The curves are tight and steep and the brake wear is in the air. At the foot of the pass you roll out to Fischen and enjoy the hilly way over old towns back to Sonthofen. A wonderful, lonely and varied round with about 75 kilometers and 1400 meters of altitude.

Elbe Sandstone Mountains

Carsten Maiwald is a product designer and at home in Dresden. Here he runs his brand veloheld, which develops clean city bikes such as classic racing bikes, bikes and cyclocross bikes. He also organizes cycling events in the Dresden area and likes to take part in everything that is possible on two wheels.

From Dresden I prefer to ride my racing bike in the direction of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. There are so many small streets to discover there, always in a beautiful, gentle uphill and downhill direction. The best way to get into the small “mountains” is via the Schönfeld highland cycle path and then, after about one to two hours’ drive, you can meander through picturesque gorges and valleys. If you take the highland cycle path in the direction of Hohnstein, the many bends give you a little more “mountain feeling”. By the way, part of the track was a legendary motorsport track until the Second World War.

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Once at the top you have a sensational view of the city built into the rock and the surrounding sandstone peaks. It continues downhill to Bad Schandau, through the “Tiefen Grund” – a perfect section even in midsummer, which always promises refreshing temperatures. When you arrive at the bottom of the city, you can decide whether you want to make a detour to the national park, for example through the Kirnitzschtal, or whether you want to take the Elbe cycle path back to Dresden. If you decide to return straight away, you can still see a few highlights of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains (for example the Bastei rock bridge) on a road with little traffic. But be careful, the bike path is very busy on weekends. Then it makes sense to tackle the way back to Dresden via the highland cycle path.

Upper Bavaria: Oberland circuit

Thomas Roegner is a freelance journalist, specializing in cycling and outdoor, and covers thousands of kilometers in the saddle – in his second home South Africa and all of Europe, but preferably in Upper Bavaria. 

Admittedly – this racing bike loop that starts in the iconic and kitschy Bad Tölz is not entirely new. But the landscape, the atmosphere of the Bavarian foothills of the Alps and the mixture of picturesque roads, safe bike paths and several possible swimming stops are always a special experience. In addition, this 100-kilometer circuit is only an hour away from Munich – and can also be reached stress-free by public transport with the Bayerische Oberlandbahn (BOB). On the former connecting road from Tölz to Lenggries, you crank relaxed under the green chain of 1500s, with cozy names like Sunntratn or Grasleitenkopf. A cycle path that is exceptionally easy to ride on a racing bike leads up to the dam of the Sylvensteinsee – an entry into the Isar landscape, which saves the flight to Canada, so the landscapes are similar.

Magnificent views of the Karwendel and the direction of the Zugspitze massif accompany us on the small toll road to Wallgau, which runs in varied ups and downs along the Isar. In a rapid descent with a chain on the right, it rushes to the Walchensee, which with its dark green waves only invites you to swim in midsummer temperatures and even cools the small shore road by a few degrees. Then you roll through the sun valley of the Jachenau, the Tegernsee mountains and the striking Roßstein and Buchstein in view, back into the Isar valley. The small villages of Wegscheid, Arzbach and Wackersberg lead back to Bad Tölz in a hilly manner. With so much mountain panorama it is almost surprising that the loop only has an altitude of 1500 meters.

Sauerland and Hessen: two-country loop

Thomas Schlecking, single trail builder and organizer of the MTB enduro series TrailTrophy.

My main focus is on mountain bikes – but every now and then I feel like getting on a racing bike. Gliding silently through the landscape, feeling the speed and the wind. Ideally in hilly terrain and on narrow roads without much traffic. My home region, the Sauerland, is perfect for this. Away from the main roads, there are hundreds of kilometers of small country roads that meander through varied nature. My favorite is the two-country loop, a fantastic circuit with almost 130 kilometers and around 1,800 meters of altitude. It starts in Bad Fredeburg (North Rhine-Westphalia), leads via the well-known winter sports resort of Winterberg to Hesse, through Willingen and via a final “mountain test” on the Großer Bildchen back to Bad Fredburg.

The world is big. Too big to be able to cycle through it completely. We will help you choose and present the most beautiful bike tour on every continent. Diverse natural landscapes await leisure cyclists, high mountains and steep passes want to be climbed by ambitious mountain bikers, and fantastic coastal roads inspire racing cyclists. Six cycle routes that are not stingy on their superlatives. Let yourself be fascinated by the cycle routes of all continents in our photo show.

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Europe: Cycling on the sunny side of life (Italy / Alps)

Quite a few cyclists say that the Dolomites must you have traveled once in a lifetime. The heavily jagged, up to 3200 meter high limestone and dolomite massifs, hence the typical white color, abruptly alternate with green terraces and alpine pastures – and since 2009 parts have even been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Alpine mountains are virtually created for fair-weather and trekking cyclists, as well as for ambitious mountain bikers and racing cyclists. Deserted paths, fantastic views and breathtaking play of light make the proud mountains a dream for every cyclist, especially for pass collectors.

Cycling always along the sunny side of the Italian Dolomites. With a few inclines, this route is particularly suitable for those who are relaxed. Legendary mountains such as the Three Peaks stand on the edge of the well-paved, little-traveled roads and entice with views over wide valleys, green pastures and shimmering lakes. Particularly nice: cycling on the disused railway lines of the former Dolomite Railway. There are also tours through the white mountains for ambitious cyclists, steep and long climbs are part of the agenda here. The fantastic natural scenery and rapid descents are always rewarding for every effort. You can find sun and sport tours through the Dolomites at and

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Asia: In India by bike through Little Tibet

Of course: A trip in Tibet to the highest mountain on earth is the dream of every ambitious cyclist. But who is at such a top performance level, is hard-boiled and doesn’t shy away from the weather to go on an extreme trip through the highest mountains in the world?!? The alternative is a bike tour through mysterious India including a detour to the Himalayas, which is challenging but also feasible for non-extreme athletes.

As they drive past, cyclists learn all by themselves the Tibetan Buddhist way of life with impressive monasteries, their religion and their treasures – it is no coincidence that Ladakh, the green starting point for the India tour, is also called Little Tibet. Intensive experiences with people and culture are experienced here on and off the saddle. The mountain passes up to the north of India, into the protected area of ​​the western Himalayas, which offer incredible views of remote mountain beauties, are also impressive. The imposing mountain landscape is alternated by deep blue lakes and green river valleys. Highlight at the end of the tour: the Kardung La, one of the highest navigable passes in the world. Various tours in the Himalayas can be booked at and