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I need to open a registry key such as the following in regedit. This should be the simplest and quickest way to open Registry Editor in all versions of Windows. Press the Windows key + R to open the Run box. If you use the registry editor frequently, creating a shortcut can be a timesaver. The most commonly used way is to press the Windows Key + R, type in regedit and press enter.

They may not make Windows run any faster but they do get rid of a lot of crap left by incompletely uninstalled programs. That is the problem with Windows – the uninstall process leaves a lot files and Registry entries behind. Had to use the registry many times on home version computers when someone got a virus that changed some of the group policy settings to make them harder to remove. Double-clicking a .reg file will add its contents to your registry. Adding a .reg file to your registry simplifies the process of performing registry hacks.

If you need more comprehensive information, an internet search will provide you with many other choices. Press Windows key+ x and select Command Prompt(admin) from the quick menu. Before changing the registry settings, it is always recommended to take a backup of your registry settings. It is an alternative way and almost the fast way to open the Registry Editor. Next, double-click or double-tap on “regedit.exe.” By doing this way, the Registry Editor will open immediately.

Firstly, you have to press Windows Key + X and then type regedit inside the search box on your taskbar. Scan, clean and repair the Windows registry of your PC. Batch files will ignore any semicolons before a command, so this can be used dll files missing to create a self-contained registry script.

  • Create a default file association to Notepad and add "Open with Notepad", "Print with Notepad" and "Command Prompt Here" options to Explorer’s context menu (Windows 2000).
  • Since NT 4 .REG files are in readable ASCII, they may be created "on the fly" by our batch files.
  • A great tool to create VBScript scripts that can modify the registry is the Tweakomatic by the Scripting Guys.
  • However, it will generate an error message when running as a batch file, hence the CLS command to wipe the error message from the screen.

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You should NOT mess around with the Registry Editor unless you KNOW what you are doing. "%1" is a placeholder for whatever file is the object of the executable. If you are unfamiliar with this type of notation, please be very, very careful with the Registry. Also listed in the right or value pane is the type of data contained in a value.

Editing the Registry allows you to make all sorts of changes to Windows. If you find yourself jumping all over the Registry, here’s how you can jump to any key in seconds. To add my 2¢, a while back, I wrote a program to simulate keypresses for when regular pasting was not sufficient. I added a special mode for registry keys to let you copy a registry path and press the hotkey while in Regedit to have it automatically navigate to that path. Later, I wrote a program that would do some registry maintenance and needed to provide a jump-to-path function.

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Instead of creating or editing each value manually, double-clicking the .reg adds every value, placing them in your registry without error. For many registry hacks or alterations, you will have to restart your system before the change takes effect.