Using Lowvel

When introducing, Lowvel specifies all the storage devices linked to a PC. Also the device identifies whether it is feasible to lock a gadget for exclusive accessibility. If a tool can not be secured (e.g. in case of a system disk), “” can not secure”” will certainly be shown beside the tool name. You can still eliminate such a tool, but in this instance there is no warranty that all information will certainly be erased.

Select a drive to remove

When you click Select a drive to remove, a drop down listing shows up. It provides all the available storage devices attached to a COMPUTER with details regarding whether a tool can be secured.


When you click Begin, the warning window appears where you can find the in-depth info about the picked gadget.

Tool information:

  • design
  • capacity
  • serial number, if offered
  • connection type, if readily available, indicating an USB or a Firewire drive.

Information on quantities had on the physical tool:

  • sensible drive letter and also quantity name, if any kind of,
  • quantity dimension,
  • filesystem type.

In addition, you can define a field range, which you intend to erase.Read about free Lowvel At website For this, set beginning and also end LBAs.

As soon as you have do with the gadget info, you can:

  • click Remove and begin to eliminate data off the device;
  • click Terminate and also return to the primary program home window.


When you click the switch, irreparable process of zero-filling all the fields on the picked device is started.

Sometimes you can get one more warning telling that Lowvel can not secure the tool for special access. As an example, it might take place if you are mosting likely to remove all the data from a system volume or from a non-system quantity which remains in use, e.g. one of the files on the volume is opened. Your choices are:

  • click Yes and also begin the process of zero-filling. Nevertheless, you must recognize that not all the information will be overwritten with zeroes – markets related to the data which remain in usage might be not erased.
  • click No and return to the major program home window. Close all the open documents and Windows Explorer folder sights, after that attempt once more.

Disk map

There is a disk map in Lowvel which allows you to monitor the process of zero-filling the gadget. The disk map is colored as the data is eliminated. The following shades are made use of:

  • black – shows that the information block has actually been currently zero-filled,
  • red – programs that there is at least one negative sector in the information block,
  • cyan – suggests the data obstruct which is currently being removed.

Standing Bar presents how much information has actually been currently overwritten, as well as a variety of poor fields came across.


The switch ends up being energetic when the process of zero-filling is started. When you click the button, you can stop removing data but markets which have actually been already overwritten with zeroes can not be recovered. When you restart erasing data on the same gadget, all starts over.

Status Bar

It lies in the bottom of the primary program home window as well as shows the present state of Lowvel.