Visitors from Chile, Iceland and Kazakhstan come to the Oktoberfest.

Visitors from Chile, Iceland and Kazakhstan come to the Oktoberfest.

10. The Statue of Liberty is "constantly in motion"

"Lady Liberty" does not stand, she goes. Your right foot is raised. There are broken chains around the feet as a symbol of liberation.

This version is in Colmar, Alsace and is only 12 meters high. (Source: Schöning / imago images)

11. Often copied worldwide, but never matched

The statue has many twin sisters in other cities, including one in Alsace. This is only 12 meters high and a replica made of synthetic resin. Like her big sister in New York, she stands at the entrance to the city and has welcomed those arriving there since 2004. Why in Colmar? Designer Bartholdi was born in 1834 in the Alsatian town. While Bartholdi worked on the statue for years, the replica was completed within nine months over 100 years later.

12. In a storm it sways in the wind

The Statue of Liberty itself was also made by "Sandy" slightly damaged, but has now been repaired and ready for a visit. In a strong wind, the statue can rock russian mail order brids back and forth almost eight centimeters, the torch even twelve.

13. A star in art and film

Artists have painted the Statue of Liberty, and it has featured in numerous films. However, it was also used several times – for example in "Independence Day" or "The Day After Tomorrow" – destroyed.

Let’s go for fun: Oktoberfest 2016 will take place in Munich from September 17 to October 3, 2016. We know that beer, hotel and ride prices are high. But that doesn’t count when it comes to the ONE time to visit this all-important folk festival. Our photo show shows impressions from the past year.

Top tips for the OktoberfestWhy you should celebrate at the OktoberfestOver ten euros for the Maß beerThe clothes for the OktoberfestDriving fun at the OktoberfestTable reservation: Does it have to be? Overnight during the Oktoberfest timeBe there – the most important datesInformation about the Oktoberfest 2016

Top tips for the Oktoberfest

your name is "Power Tower II" "Flip fly" and "Cyber ​​space". These are just three of the fast-paced rides in 2016 that lead to adrenaline rushes. And they are – besides a visit to the festival tent – for many the main reason for a visit to the Oktoberfest. When traveling with the "Wild mouse" have fun or sit squeaky in the "crinoline" a carousel with a long Oktoberfest tradition. If you want to fortify yourself with some Bavarian delicacies afterwards, you can choose between chicken, pretzels and fish on a stick. There are reduced prices at many stands during the week for the so-called midday meadow between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Why you should celebrate at the Oktoberfest

1. You’re not getting any younger

The first reason would like to charmingly paraphrase that participation in major events requires a certain level of fitness. Lots of people, loud music, standing and sitting for long periods of time – all of this challenges the body. If you feel fit now, you should quickly activate your partner or a small group of friends to attend the festival.

2. Every year a visit becomes more expensive

In 2015, a liter of beer cost at least ten euros for the first time. And this year beer prices have risen by around three percent. That means: 10.40 euros is the minimum that visitors have to shell out for their measure. The Wiesn hosts have to justify the price increase every year and the City of Munich checks the legality of the increases. The prices for meals are also increasing year after year. One more reason not to delay visiting the Oktoberfest.

3. Experience Munich during Oktoberfest time

Traditional costumes everywhere, plus rides that are second to none. This only happens once a year in the metropolis of Munich. Be it at the traditional costume and rifle parade on September 18th or the gun shooting at the Bavaria at the end of the festival on October 2nd. It is fun to see so many dressed-up ladies and gentlemen in dirndls, brogue shoes and lederhosen.

In 2015, 5.9 million guests flocked to the Oktoberfest. It means: see and be seen. This exhibition is also part of the Munich Oktoberfest and makes the city trip with a visit to the Wiesn a special experience.

4. Have a say instead of judging from a distance

Visitors from Chile, Iceland and Kazakhstan come to the Oktoberfest. They are all excited by the mix of tradition and exuberance. After all, the Oktoberfest’s reputation is legendary. It is being imitated almost everywhere in the world: there are copies in the US cities of San Francisco and Cincinnati, in Qingdao in China and in Windhoek in Namibia. A detour to Munich in this country is practically a stone’s throw away. And: instead of denigrating the event without a visit or always flirting with a visit, it makes more sense to attend at least once.

On family days, rides attract visitors with reduced prices. (Source: dpa)

Over ten euros for the Maß beer

Even if the Maß beer cost twenty euros, there would certainly be enough buyers. First of all – because the brew is the main attraction at the Oktoberfest in Munich. Whether the Augustiner or Hofbräuhaus festival tent – around seven million liters of beer will probably flow down your throats. If it is hot at the Oktoberfest, non-alcoholic drinks should also be in greater demand. But here, too, the motto is: dig deep into your pocket. Whether water or lemonade – a liter costs at least eight euros.

Tip: If you enjoy your stay and would like to give the staff something (as it should be), you should give an approximate beforehand "Drinks budget" set for yourself. So there is no rude awakening when the cash register falls after the party.

The clothes for the Oktoberfest

Dirndl and lederhosen, traditional shirt and apron – of course you can also do without this Oktoberfest outfit. But a visit in the right clothes is far more fun. The dirndl in short or long cost at least 150 euros. For men there are embroidered shirts and jackets for around 120 euros, leather pants are the most expensive purchase at at least 200 euros. Anyone who shows up on the festival site is not labeled as a newcomer, but almost feels like a local. Always a topic: How do you wear the dirndl bow correctly? (left: single, right: in a relationship, center: virgin) The fact is: Anyone who deals with such questions in advance increases the anticipation of the event enormously. Wearing traditional costume once a year, styling a chic Oktoberfest hairstyle, the pleasure doubles.

Pure adrenaline: Oktoberfest visitors in a ride.

Driving fun at the Oktoberfest

From thrills to cosiness – Oktoberfest is known for its rides and some of them are also notorious. For example the devil’s wheel, where you shouldn’t be thrown out of the spinning wheel if possible. Anyone who quickly leaves here must expect nasty comments from bystanders. The witch’s swing, which has been rocking visitors back and forth since 1894, is similarly traditional. This is by no means harmless, because the sense of balance disappears just as rapidly as the vehicle moves. The Höllenblitz roller coaster is ideal for the hard-boiled, with passengers traveling in the dark. Up, up, "Sky Fall" – this increase ends at 80 meters (!). The daring are catapulted to this height, only to then fall rapidly.

Table reservation: does that have to be?

Swinging, drinking, singing and happily for several hours, yes, that is exhausting and yes, you would like to sit there. You can certainly get hold of a seat without a reservation – at off-peak times and when you don’t want to sit together in a group. If you want to enjoy your Maß and half a chicken with hearty music between 12 and 5 p.m., it is better to reserve a table. Beer will be served until 10.30 p.m., and the festival tents will end at 11.30 p.m. By the way, beer or other drinks are often only available in the festival tents for guests with a seat. A table reservation is particularly useful if a certain tent is on the wish list. It is advisable to find out about the crowd in the tents in advance. At the Schottenhamel, younger people are more likely to be found, the older ones in the Weinzelt and many Australian guests in the Hofbräuzelt. Party-loving people who still have momentum after the festival tents have closed can join numerous "After-Oktoberfest"-Parties in town let off steam.

Spend the night during Oktoberfest

Close your eyes and pay! This is bitter but unavoidable for everyone who cannot stay with friends and relatives in Munich. Book early here definitely makes sense. There are steep prices for a room, but a month or more before the Oktoberfest there is still plenty to choose from. A central location to the city center or directly to the festival area makes many things easier. This saves visitors the fare for local public transport or taxis and is also closer to Munich’s sights for a sightseeing tour. If hotels and guest houses are too expensive, the youth hostel in Munich or a campsite could be the right alternative. Experience shows that these too are quickly booked out.

Be there – the most important dates

date event Worth knowing
17.09. Entry of the Oktoberfest hosts The best view is from the three grandstands Hausbank, Hieber-Lindberg and the green strip
17.09. "O-zapft is" 12 noon, the mayor’s start in the Schottenhamel tent
18.09. Parade of the traditional costume and rifle clubs 10 a.m. start of the parades, led by the Münchner Kindl
20.09. 1st family day Reduced prices with many showmen
22.09. Memorial service 10 am service in the stables
27.09. Stand concert in front of the Bavaria 11 a.m. OB and Oktoberfest boss swing the baton
25.09. 2nd family day Reduced prices with many showmen
3.10.  holiday  Expect a lot of activity as this Saturday is a public holiday
2.10.  Gun shooting of the state riflemen 12 noon Traditional end of the Oktoberfest

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Information about the Oktoberfest 2016

Official website for Oktoberfest 2016

Route planner for the journey

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