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The highest absolute temperature was measured at the city of Sadovo in .2 °C; the lowest absolute temperature was measured at the city of Tran in 1947 –38.3 °C. The highest temperature within the lowlands and the hilly regions is in June, whereas in the higher mountains the warmest month is August. The lowest temperature is measured in January and February, respectively. Many valleys expertise regular temperature inversions and fogs in winter.

The largest single Dutch landgrab got here with the construction of the Zuiderzee Works, a thoughts-boggling engineering project that noticed the Netherlands steal one other 1,620 sq km of land within the heart of the country. Work on this sprawling network of dams and dykes started in 1920 and lots of Dutch individuals by no means lived to see it completed, as it wasn’t completed till 1997. It’s spoken by the vast majority of the Bulgarian population and used in any respect levels of society. According to the 2001 census, 84.5% of the nation’s population converse Bulgarian natively.

Of them, Pirin National Park and Srebarna Nature Reserve are included within the UNESCO World Heritage List. Spanning a territory of 1,161 sq. kilometres Strandzha Nature Park is the biggest protected space within the nation. Established in 1936 Vitosha Nature Park is the oldest in Bulgaria and within the Balkan Peninsula. Bulgaria has important reserves of metallic ores, especially copper, zinc and lead, situated primarily within the southern half of the country.

The easternmost sections close to the Black Sea are hilly, however they gradually achieve peak to the west until the westernmost a part of the country is totally high ground. The japanese border is maritime and encompasses the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast from Cape Sivriburun in the north to the mouth of the Rezovo River in the south. Bulgaria’s littoral types 1/10 of the whole Black Sea shoreline, and contains two necessary gulfs, the Gulf of Varna and the Gulf of Burgas, harbouring the nation’s two main ports. Most of the country is situated inside the humid continental local weather area, with Alpine climate within the highest mountains and subtropical climate within the southernmost regions.

The main characteristic of Bulgaria’s topography is 4 alternating bands of excessive and low terrain that reach east to west across the country. From north to south, those bands, called geomorphological areas, are the Danubian Plain, the Balkan Mountains, the Transitional area and the Rilo-Rhodope region.

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The complete annual amount of the rainfall is 74 billion km3; of them 70% evaporate, 20% flow into the rivers and 10% soak into the soil. The snow cover lasts from 20–30 days in the lowlands to 9 months in the highest mountains. The mean annual temperature in Bulgaria is 10.6 °C and varies from 2.9 °C on the nation’s highest peak Musala to thirteen.9 °C on the city of Sandanski within the southern Struma valley. The common temperature within the Danubian Plain is 11.4 °C, within the Upper Thracian Plain 13.9 °C, within the decrease mountains eight.1 °C and in the larger mountains 2.4 °C.

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The two largest iron ore mines are located in Kremikovtsi close to Sofia and Krumovo, Yambol Province with complete reserves of 430 million tons. Manganese ore is extracted close to Obrochishte in Dobrich Province , as well as in the provinces of Sofia and Varna. The reserves of chromium are small and are scattered within the Rhodope Mountains. Bulgaria possesses essential reserves of lead and zinc, of them 60% are located in the southern reaches of the Rhodope Mountains alongside the border with Greece at Madan, Zlatograd, Madzharovo, Rudozem, Laki, etc.

Why Are Bulgarian Women So Pretty?

The nation’s lowest absolute temperature was measured during an inversion within the Tran valley. In the relatively small territory of the nation there are intensive lowlands, plains, hills, high and low mountains, many valleys and deep gorges.

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The reserves of copper ore are also important, situated mainly at Asarel Medet close to Panagyurishte, Elatsite mine close to Etropole , Elshitsa, Medni Rid close to Burgas, etc. There is gold near Tran, Chelopech and Madzharovo, in addition to small quantities of platinum, silver, molybdenum, nickel and tungsten. In northern Bulgaria the very best precipitation is in May–June, while in southern Bulgaria it’s in winter. The average quantity of precipitation additionally varies in time period of altitude – from 450–850 mm in the plains to 850–1200 mm. The highest annual rainfall was measured in 1957 within the upper valley of the river Ogosta in the western Balkan Mountains ; the highest daily rainfall was recorded at Saints Constantine and Helena resort close to Varna in 1951.

Concern about biodiversity conservation stays strong within the nation. In 1998 the Government of Bulgaria approved the National Biological Diversity Conservation Strategy, which was inspired by the Pan European Strategy for Biological and Landscape Diversity. Bulgaria has a number of the largest Natura 2000 areas within look these up the European Union overlaying 33.eight% of its territory. The nationwide policy for governing and management of the protected areas is applied by the Ministry of Environment and Water. Bulgaria’s biodiversity is conserved in three nationwide parks, 11 nature parks and fifty four nature reserves.